How Do I Qualify For a Loan Modification? Find Out the Answer & Learn the Application Process

How do I qualify for a HAMP loan modification? You may be asking yourself this questions as you try to figure out the best way to stay in your home with the affordable mortgage payments you need. There are many new options available to homeowners, and it can be confusing. Here is some valuable information to help you determine what you could qualify for and how best to begin the application process.

When you qualify for a HAMP loan modification, you are basically proving to your current lender that that terms of your home loan have become unaffordable due to a financial hardship. An acceptable financial hardship situation could be caused by any number of things, but generally your lender will consider you a candidate if:

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Loss of job or income Medical expenses/illness Death of family member Military Service Incarceration Divorce/separation ARM loan with interest rate re-set higher

Once you demonstrate that you have suffered a financial hardship, then you must prove to your lender that although you cannot afford the current payment, you will be able to pay and maintain the new modified payment. In order to qualify for a loan modification, your application must clearly demonstrate in black and white that you will not be a risk of re-default. You can do this simply and easily using a current financial statement form and then a proposed financial statement form. These loan modification forms are where you show the lender your current budget and your new, revised budget with the lower monthly payment.

The lender's programs as well as the Federal loan modification plan requires that you meet a debt ratio requirement to qualify. This means that a certain percentage of your income each month is allocated to your housing expense. This debt ratio requirement is usually between 31-38% of your gross monthly income. You can get help to figure your own debt ratio, then determine your new target payment so that your financial statements are accurate and acceptable. The Loan Mod Quick App software will automatically compute all of the required figures for you-simply input your own income and expenses and you will see immediately if you need to make any adjustments to your budget. Do this before your lender ever reviews your financial statement if you want to have the best chance of success. Obama has told lenders that homeowners must be given an answer within 30 days of receiving an application-so you have one chance to get it right. If not approved, then you will have to make a decision about keeping your home or looking at selling or facing foreclosure.

The federal program uses a simple, 4 step formula to determine if you qualify for the bailout plan. You can learn and use this very same formula to prepare your own acceptable application. Since this formula is used by all the lenders, and you can learn these very same steps, why wouldn't you want to take advantage of this inside information to yourself the edge you need? Save yourself time and frustration by using the Loan Mod Quick App software which mimics the guidelines-all the calculations are done for you in minutes.

This may sound difficult or confusing, but it's really just simple math. However, spending just a bit of time learning and preparing can make all the difference when completing your loan modification forms. If you are serious about saving your home, then you need to understand how to qualify before you submit your paperwork. There is help with a software program that does all the calculations for you automatically. You will then be able to prepare your forms so that you will have the best chance of approval. When you ask, "Do I qualify for a loan modification?" make sure you can answer correctly.

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